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Party Pets Lizard Encounter

Teachers Frequently Asked Questions: 


Q: Do we come to you or do you come to us?
A: "We bring the zoo to you" It makes a wonderful less expensive In-house field trip.


Q: Which grade level do you recommend?
A: All grade levels from preschool through Jr. high. Our age demographic is 3-12 years of age. It is absolutely ideal for K thru 5th.


Q: Can you do more than 1 classroom at a time?
A: Of course, but remember the fewer the students the more "hands on" it becomes (more than 2 classes of 20 each is not ideal) with larger groups to give the children more "hands on" Teachers comfortable dealing w/exotic animals would help expedite the program.


Q: Where can we do the show at our school?

A: Over the years I've done shows in the classroom (we may need to move desks) in the school gymnasium (as long as no other activity is occurring) in the library, or in an open foyer. I have the children sit in a large single file (so I'm not teaching over anyone) circle or horseshoe shape to facilitate the passing of animals - no tables or chairs are necessary. It is much easier and gives us more time if we stay in one location or classroom.


Q: Will you travel out of the Charlotte Area?

A: We will go wherever we are called, however, a travel fee may apply. 

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