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Party Pets Snake

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Party Pets Frog

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: How many children can I have at the party? Is the price based on the number of children? Can I combine parties with a sibling or friend?
A: The price of the party is a flat fee regardless of the number of guests. However, keeping the number of guests manageable and age appropriate is the best way to ensure that all the children have a fun and memorable experience. You can combine parties, but again, the guests will have more enjoyment if the number of guests is manageable. There is an additional $13 charge for the extra "Party Package" which includes the T-shirt, and Photo.


Q: Can I have the party outdoors/indoors?
A: We recommend indoors whenever possible for the comfort of the children as well as the animals. If the party is scheduled for the outdoors, the temperature MUST be between 70-80 degrees, the ground MUST BE DRY and in full NATURAL SHADE. Indoor parties require only a 10' x 10' area and the floor/carpet will be fully protected by the Party Pets blanket.


Q: Can I customize the list of animals you bring?
A: We have developed a wonderful, well-rounded program that allows the children to experience an array of animals with which they may or may not be familiar. In our many years of performing at parties and events, we have found that usually the children are fascinated by all the creatures we bring. Our animals are docile and well-cared for and Greg is always sensitive to younger children's comfort levels. 


Q: I am having a party for my 1yr. old. Is this program appropriate for her/him?
A: Party Pets is designed and recommended for children between the ages of 3 & 12. However, many parties for 1 and 2 yr. olds include older siblings, family members, and neighbors. In that case, even though the birthday child may not fully appreciate the program, if the majority of guests are above 3 yrs. old, we are happy to accommodate you. Please note that any child under 3 yrs. old MUST be fully supervised by an adult.


Q: Will you travel out of the Charlotte Area?
A: We will go wherever we are called, however a travel fee may apply. 


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