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Party Pets Tortoise Photo Opp

Party Pets is a family owned and operated entertainment business designed for children ages 3-12. Greg Paules has been involved in the pet care industry since 1975. By 1980, he owned and operated a successful pet store, Turnpike Pet Center in Fairfield, CT. At the request of several of his customers who were teachers, he began bringing exotic animals to local schools to educate and entertain the students. News of these exciting events spread quickly, as the children brought home their stories of fun encounters with these colorful and unusual animals.


One chilly December day in 1990 he received a frantic call from a friend who had hired a magician for her son’s 5th birthday party. There she stood in a room with 15 five-year-olds and no magician! Greg quickly packed up many of the animals he had been taking to the schools and hurried to the rescue. The children were thrilled and the moms were impressed with Greg’s joviality, enthusiasm and obvious ease with their kids. Soon he began receiving many requests for birthday parties and….Party Pets was born!


Greg, his wife Debora, and their two children relocated to Charlotte, NC in 1996. Since then, Party Pets has been delighting children of all ages with a “hands-on” interactive experience. With humorous anecdotes and a marvelous sense of timing, each animal is introduced in a creative way that captivates and educates the children at the same time!


Whether it’s a birthday party, classroom event, festival, or summer camp, Greg’s fantastic assortment of animals from all over the world are sure to please and create memories to last a lifetime!


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